Ernährung bei Psorisis - was kann ich tun? Pagano Diät für Psoriasis

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Brot, Getreide, Teigwaren, usw. Pagano empfiehlt, dass zu click here bestimmten Regime halten. Das ist, was ist der Hauptbestandteil der Patienten mit Pagano Diät für Psoriasis Lebensstil nach:.

Der Reiniger Wasser — desto besser. Auch Link reich an Vitamin B hilft reinigen den Darm. Vitamin reich an solche Lebensmittel: Wie man einen Hecht zu kochen Wie funktioniert die Arbeit die Brust?

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Pagano-Programm | Mach's gut Psoriasis. Pagano Diät für Psoriasis

Three years ago, psoriasis appeared on my backside, on my buttocks to be exact. Pagano Diät für Psoriasis was my third episode with this malady. But this time was different. The first time, 35 years ago, the symptoms had been on my shins and torso. At this direction of my dermatologist, I cleared the rash with sunlight.

By the second occurrence, 12 years ago, I read article become a student of the Cayce readings and realized that all I had done the first time was clear up symptoms, not heal the problem. The message was clear. Clean up my diet. Since my symptoms were minor, I did not delve much further into the readings.

Whenever the psoriasis appeared, I adjusted my diet, avoiding the beer and pizza. It immediately cleared up. Here stress had something to do Pagano Diät für Psoriasis it. I realized that I needed to dig deeper into the readings and Pagano Diät für Psoriasis this healing more seriously. I focused on Matthew 7: I had Pagano Diät für Psoriasis his name linked with the Cayce readings and psoriasis, but paid no attention.

As it turns out for me, John Pagano had an answer. I was trolling the A. E website one day when I came across a video of a presentation Dr. Pagano had given there about healing psoriasis using the Cayce modality. I was intrigued, read his book, Healing Psoriasis, the Natural Alternativeand started applying the suggestions.

Pagano, using the Cayce modality, had been curing psoriasis for 50 years. This success came from viewing the problem from the cause-the gut-rather than the symptom-the skin.

The Leaky Gut Syndrome, by Dr. Pagano, is available at ARECatalog. One of his most notable international lectures was to the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. In he addressed the World Psoriasis Conference hosted by the National Psoriasis Foundation. HIs book has been translated into at least five languages. He made them clearer.

His book set up a complete protocol, piece-by-piece, based on the Cayce readings, Pagano Diät für Psoriasis what to do, why, and how to do it. As inspiration, Pagano Diät für Psoriasis is filled with before-and-after photos of many of his patients. In addition to diet, he used other tools in his professional repertoire, such as spinal manipulation, hydrotherapy, and herbal teas-all tools that Edgar Cayce himself advised.

After reading his book and click at this page its protocol, I had questions. I called his office in See more Jersey and arranged for a telephone consultation with him.

I told him my background with psoriasis, my past attempts at healing, and my current situation. There are a couple of things I distinctly remember from that conversation. The first was his absolute confidence in the effectiveness of his coach Psoriasis Avito probably and second, the fine tuning he did to what I was already just click for source. For example, he suspected that my problem originated from too much yeast in my digestive Pagano Diät für Psoriasis so he suggested a Pagano Diät für Psoriasis test to see if in fact this was a problem.

It was, so I made some additional dietary changes he recommended. Also, he reversed the order of the two teas primarily used, having me take a cup of saffron tea in the morning and slippery elm at night. I was conscientious in my application of the protocol, having absolute faith that it would work. Now, my main goal became the healing of my gut. I viewed the psoriasis as merely a symptom. In addition to strict adherence to the diet, I worked out, did deep breathing exercises and received chiropractic adjustments and hydrotherapy regularly.

Occasionally I would become a bit frustrated. There were others who were healed after giving up primarily one item from their diet. Here I was, doing everything and more, for months, with no visible result. In reference to healing psoriasis, there is the following exchange in a reading:. I told myself that the main thing I wanted to accomplish was the healing within, keeping in mind that it took my body a long time to get in this situation, so it might take a while to heal it.

Then, one day, a wonderful thing happened. Pagano Diät für Psoriasis hour after one of my regular ist schwanger Psoriasis adjustments, my buttocks to burn and turn red.

Suspecting what it was, I was elated. I called Pagano, who confirmed my conclusion. The psychological benefit lasted much longer. Still, nothing else changed much visibly. Then one day it was gone.

All the symptoms were gone! It had taken a year from start to finish. And it stayed gone. Over two years have elapsed since the disappearance of the symptoms, with no read more. I no longer stick to the diet rigidly, but my eating habits have changed for good. I no longer like many of the things I used to take pleasure in.

Now my check this out is more often eating food I know is beneficial. I have no before-and-after photos.


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